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2016, matches, satire, haha

Students are not strangers to navigating around film sets that occasionally sprawl across main parts of our beautiful campus. However, The Man in High Castle managed to pick the day the Google Street View van came around.

Starving Student, food, chocolate

They’re very easy and cheap to make but look like they require a lot of effort, which is the best kind of dessert. These delectable bites are courtesy of Martha Stewart, in case you thought otherwise.


“Feel like throwing your laptop at a wall and moving to Thailand? Us too.” We can all relate to the feelings of dread that come with the end of term and the gentlemen of Delta Kappa Epsilon are clearly no exception when it comes to exams.

Christmas Tree

It’s the holiday season and that means it’s time to listen to ridiculous music and revel in the festive atmosphere. Unfortunately, it also means that the days are getting darker and shorter. Even worse, final exams and papers are looming.

AMS Security

IC-Kindness is a non-profit, youth-based organization that attempts to strengthen society through acts of kindness. Their mission is “to unite individuals of diverse backgrounds towards acts of kindness.”

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