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The OneClass Chrome extension has been sending spam promotion emails via Connect to students for the past month. The extension has the ability to collect any personal information — including CWL credentials entered using Chrome.

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In the two years since the renovation, sales in the clothing and gift departments have increased by 18 and 11 per cent respectively. Sales from the convenience store have also increased exponentially, going from $198,000 in 2014 to $625, 000 in 2015.


As the 10th president of UBC, he served in the position from 1985 to 1997. He also held accomplishments as a scientist, including a significant role with NASA, during which he was responsible for the geophysical aspects of the Apollo space missions.


Since President-elect Donald Trump’s win of the US election, UBC has been receiving a massive number of website hits from residents of the United States. Americans have been browsing UBC’s graduate programs and lurking on the university’s Facebook.


Students may now “resign” from UBC’s AMS, thanks to new provincial legislation. Under that legislation, students are also entitled to a number of court remedies if their society has “oppressed” or “unfairly prejudiced” them.

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