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Christmas with kosta

Exams tend to be the last leg of a marathon and everyone always tries running at full speed during it. It will drain you. You will feel tired, grumpy and desperate for distraction. But we will get through it.


On another administrative level, at UBC, you know why you receive the grade you did. However at the school in France, it's very ambiguous. Two of my friends took a class which was project-based and worked together on everything.

Their Campus, Their Campus: Hannah Scott, MAKE SURE TO CUSTOM CREDIT N

I’ve lived in Vancouver my entire life. I always knew that I wanted to go to UBC and I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made. The lifestyle in Vancouver — yoga, kale, fancy coffee, Lululemon — is one I feel I fit into.


Your example of UBC seeking charges against a student who burned a pride flag is irrelevant in this case. They were charged with “mischief causing damage of property with a value of under five thousand dollars” — not a hate crime.


UBC’s Senate is working on a policy that would mandate concrete syllabi for every course while also creating some guidelines and regulations for what specifically should be included within a course syllabus.

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