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concrete canoe

A floating concrete canoe might seem like a paradox, but the UBC Concrete Canoe team assure that, “yes, it floats!” Now in its third year, the team is in the middle of constructing a sleek and lightweight concrete canoe that is less dense than water.


According to recent study, First Nations’ fishery catches could collapse by almost 50 per cent by 2050 as a result of climate change, further endangering the food and economic security of indigenous communities along coastal British Columbia.


Imagine a life in which forgetting things is no longer just a minor annoyance, but a daily struggle. Imagine living with the knowledge that your memory is slowly eroding and that eventually you won’t be able to recognize the people closest to you.

BC tech summit

The BC Tech Summit, a two-day event that took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on January 18 and 19, presented some of the latest BC technologies, research and further developed business opportunities between different sectors.


At some point in students’ academic careers, many people contemplate volunteering in a lab. What many students don’t realize is that many professors are on the lookout for enthusiastic, willing and able students to participate in their research.


Imagine a piece of PlayDoh with two marbles in it. If you stretch the clay, the distance between the marbles increases. If you squish it, the distance decreases. That's what gravity waves do, but with nothing pushing or pulling the clay.


February is heart health month. So what do you need to know about heart health? As the central organ in our circulatory system, the heart is vital to our overall health and nearly everything that that goes on in our bodies.


If you are into computers or gaming, chances are you know what a hackathon is. If not, it's a competition where developers work together over the course of several days to produce a prototype to be presented on the last day of the hack.

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