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“Doing a PhD was totally on my radar, but I wasn’t thinking of going to Oxford necessarily until I started looking more into the program. Then the question became, if I didn’t get Rhodes, would I still apply to the PhD program independently?”


As we tried to sleep we could have sworn we heard a bear sniffing around. Terrified, we hid under our sleeping bags. The next morning, a glowing sunrise over the lake and mountains was not the only thing to greet us as we sat in our sleeping bags.


Jerusalem is a violent place, not just physically, but emotionally and religiously." I could not unravel the complexities of history, religion, love and hate. As I took another breath, the soothing Mediterranean waters dampened all worries.


In my three weeks in Namibia, I felt the alienation and loneliness that silence brings almost every day, and was swept away in wonderment every time - no where else in the wilds of the world do I think such a feeling can be found.


I also liked the fact that everywhere was very clean and that the food was awesome. Unfortunately, if you love California rolls, you won’t find them in Japan, but the local food is just as appetizing as what you get at a sushi restaurant in Vancouver


I’ve been to Salt Spring a few times, and as far as I’m concerned, the best thing to do on the island is to have a friend whose rich parents own a nice house there, and to exploit that fact for all it’s worth.


"Canadian sororities and fraternities are quite different than the ones in the States, so people coming to UBC don’t even know that sororities are a thing – they just think it’s a States thing and a party thing," she said.


"Uber has been running an aggressive and prolonged public lobbying campaign urging the provincial government and the City of Vancouver to allow them to operate. They have significant resources and it shows."


They faced their difficulties. Their first changing room was previously a men’s “clothes-drying” room, and they weren’t allowed to use some of the rowing equipment. Women were only allowed to race a thousand metres.

Tamar Simon

Tamar Simon is a fairy queen. That’s not because she stands 3 ft tall — she doesn’t — but because of her royal stage presence and transcendent voice. But while her flame burns brightly as ever, Simon is worried about the future of opera in general.

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