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It is important to keep in mind that grades are just a number — you are worth more than your grades and whatever grade you receive does not define you as a student or a person.

She will replace Linda McKnight, who has been serving as the interim VP Human Resources since the retirement of former VP Human Resources Lisa Castle on December 6, 2017.

When Trump chose to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, protests against his decision reverberated globally. UBC students and the Vancouver Palestinian diaspora marched through downtown Vancouver last weekend, bringing demonstrations closer to home.

Pizza — one of college life’s laziest and greatest last resorts, second only to ramen. Its place in our daily life is so omnipresent that it was ultimately inevitable that some pretentious culture writer would take the time out of his week to overthink how important it is.

“Let’s be real: the holidays are an empty pocket of time that has become associated of love, family and joy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.”

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