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Is stress ubiquitous to university life in the way we assume it is? Some people at the forefront of the discussion are saying it doesn’t have to be.

“The city of Copenhagen is a self-declared ‘cycle city’ where 50 per cent of rush hour traffic is cyclists, ringing their bells as they pass each other on the city’s wide and vast bike paths.”

If you want to gain an appreciation for a kingdom that’s in fact more related to us than plants, there’s no need to piece together a shiitake costume and travel to a mushroom-con. It’s not even necessary to go out into the city. Right on UBC’s campus there is a staggering amount of diverse fungi to discover.

Dr. Brett Finlay, UBC Peter Wall Distinguished Professor at the Michael Smith Laboratories, will add this prestigious honour to the collection of awards that he has received for his contributions to understanding disease and improving people’s health.

“They played a lot better tonight than they did last night,” said UBC head coach Kerry MacDonald Saturday about their opponents, “Especially in the first set, they’ve played very good volleyball, and made us really earn it—we had to play a lot better to win them tonight.”

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