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Youth-in-care — Aziz Sonawalla

According to a 2017 report by the BC Representative for Children and Youth (RCY), 6,950 children and youth are “in care” in the province, and 524 of those youth have aged out of care since 2016. 23 of those individuals attend UBC. What are their experiences like?

Access parking

UBC has partnered with with Canada’s only national low-power network, eleven-X, to collect data on the usage of accessible parking spaces on UBC’s Vancouver campus. If found that the demand for handicapped parking spaces is higher than the amount that are currently provided, this project will lead to enhanced handicapped parking spaces across UBC.


UBC Campus Security’s website contains charts with the number of sexual assaults reported on campus to both Campus Security and the RCMP University Endowment Lands Detachment, which is responsible for policing UBC’s Vancouver campus. But the term “on campus” might not be as large as it suggests.

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