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Dungeons and Dragons is once again popular, comic book franchises are universally beloved, Silicon Valley start-ups are perpetually the “next big thing” and “nerd chic” has become a fashion category of its own.

With all the parties UBC hosts around Halloween — we're looking at you “Halloween Pub Crawl” posters — it can be difficult to decide which ones that are worth attending and which ones can be tossed aside.

According to their website, “Thrive is a mindset and a week-long series of events focused on building positive mental health for everyone at UBC” that is open to students, staff and faculty.

I know all of these movies have their flaws and are definitely not as intersectional as one would like, but as someone who loves watching badass women be their badass selves, I've finally narrowed down the list of incredible feminist movies down to an iconic five.

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