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ubyssey science jerry yin

If it felt like 2016 was actually longer than a normal year you would be totally right, even if it is only a second longer. Before you totally move onto 2017, here are The Ubyssey's top 10 most read science stories from 2016.

ubyssey science jerry yin

People are rejecting science, expertise and “elitism.” Science is to blame. It's hidden in its shell for far too long, and must now poke its head back into the scary, "post-truth" world and fight for its existence and importance.


It’s been two weeks since you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions and the confidence you once had in keeping them is waning. Not to worry! Here is a list of the most common resolutions and the apps that will help you achieve them.


Hummingbirds are magnificent creatures — they fly at breakneck speeds, move with ninja-like agility and hover. It seems impossible that we could ever understand their movements, but the picture just became a little clearer.

Snow, UBC, campus, winter

With the sole exception of some dusting in December, 2015 saw no snow fall whereas 2016 was strikingly opposite. January 2016 recorded a meagre 1 centimetre of snowfall compared to an astonishing 27.40 centimetres in December 2016.

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