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As we head deeper into the 2019 federal election, students and faculty members with dual citizenship at UBC can fulfill their civic duty and vote for their representatives in the House of Commons. Some dual citizens may have been born here but didn’t grow up in Canada at all. It can be a little more uncomfortable — if you don’t feel engaged in Canadian politics, should you bother voting at all?


After all, who has time to examine a sculpture when you’re just trying to get to class on time? With homework and work and sports and everything else that fills up a student’s life, no one could expect thoughtful contemplation of every sculptural work on UBC’s campus.


In 1949, Harry and Audrey Hawthorn stood in the basement of the Main Library to inaugurate UBC’s new Museum of Anthropology (MOA). On September 14, MOA opened its doors for free to all patrons for its 70th anniversary open house event.


Noh Theatre enthusiasts found themselves a treat at UBC’s Frederic Wood Theatre on September 8. At the cost of $20 — or free for students — Hisa Uzawa and her daughter, Hikaru Uzawa, presented the tale of Atsumori.

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