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Burlesque in a classroom environment is also about being able to find a point of balance between comfort and discomfort.


How were we able to connect in such a real way, in what some would call a more technology-invested, disconnected age? Well, I say we are also in an era with a growing desire for deep connection — and conscious relationships are filling this void.


I was in sixth grade when I realized that I thought there was something beautiful about pain, and I hated myself for that.


The ways that we work, play and socialize are dramatically different than they were 30 years ago. So are the ways we get off.


I nod, allowing my mind to drift away from my body, until I am just a prop in the musical she is orchestrating. A musical that always ends with her thanking me for my performance.


Milder, more mainstream kinks related to domination and submission — like bondage and choking — seem to be fairly common, but there are definitely some of us who really get down and dirty.


I dream that I am Adam and he is Eve and I pluck this blue-eyed wonder from my ribs. Somehow, he is all heart and no bone and I would give every piece of me to make him happy. I dream of angering God and I wake up.


On the floor, a man and woman lie naked and covered in paint, ready to perform oral sex in the 69 position in what is arguably Canada’s first live erotic art show. As the lights dim, everyone has one question on their minds: “Is this guy going to be able to get it up?”


Despite this myriad of experiences and practices by students who identify as ace or aro, many still experience push-back when they self-identify on campus.


Here I was, having sex with an attractive guy and my mind had momentarily wandered, dreaming up scenarios in which the police found my dead naked body in a wreckage at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Not the kind of shaft I was hoping to be wrecked by.


Day 112: Maybe that girl was flirting with me? Shit, I should have asked for her number. Do I go back? No, must demonstrate abundance mentality. Plenty of fish in the sea!


I had literally needed anti-anxiety medication prescribed on the spot to calm down enough to leave the doctor’s office — the only thing that could possibly make this worth it was meeting my soulmate immediately and making passionate love forever, right?

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