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"We ask that you vote "yes" to ensure that the SASC is financially stable for years to come and to ensure that the precarity of our labour is reduced. Most importantly, voting yes will provide survivors with stability, independent services, a wider range of resources, and specialized support."

ask pawan by maged

Being lonely can suck, and everyone feels lonely more often than they’d care to admit. Regardless of whether you’ve just become single, have never dated or are married with three kids, loneliness can creep in from any angle.

Campaign against sexual violence

“[S]ome may find it easy to dismiss this policy as useless and ineffective when considering the scope of what the AMS is actually able to act on. One might feel that if the most that the AMS can actually do is kick someone out of a club or ban them from the building, then why bother? But, for survivors, it’s revolutionary.”


"The most difficult criticism that has caused me sleepless nights since the SASC decision is when I am told “you’re not survivor-centric,” or “you don’t care about survivors.” I accept that I will never be able to be forgiven by some community members but it does hurt to know that anyone could hold this opinion."

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