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20211031 j foong doc Martens

‘tis the season for really cute coupley shit. Like, absurdly wholesome dates jam-packed with pumpkin spice, golden hour, pampas grass, burgundy shackets and everything your Gilmore-Girls-fuelled fantasies are made of.

LIDAR drones

Under Saskatchewan skies thick with wildfire smoke in July, a bright blue UBC Forestry truck blaring country music headed west. While particles of burned forests clouded the sun, the researchers behind the wheel set out to understand how to help forests regenerate after the flames cool.

20230615 i you navigating majors and courses

You check Degree Navigator the next morning just to be sure, and there it is: a requirement with no substitutions. But it has to be a mistake! How can you trust a website still stuck in its dial-up era?

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