Angela O'Donnell

Angela O'Donnell

Angela O’Donnell is a person of medium height who says “why walk when you can sprint?” She says she likes to write articles about the library & archives, campus history, and general student tomfoolery, but no one has ever seen her write anything. She mostly just sits in chairs and yells about facts. When she’s not downplaying her own self worth or asking people to play Mario Kart, she’s also the 2019/2020 Culture Editor. Previously she was Senior Staff in Culture & Blog and the humour column coordinator for The Dingbat. If you would like to see your work in the Culture section or you just want to test if your mail service works, you can email her at

I am very similar to Garfield in many ways. First: I too hate Mondays. Second, I am voiced by Bill Murray. Third and most importantly, I love love lasagne.

The VPAUA has to be a very professional person who can work well with other professionals. But who care about looking professional, this is From The Cult!

“From the Cult” will be churning out great, important content that I’m sure will truly change the hearts and minds of the voting population, make all the candidates block us on all social media, and have people on Reddit and Facebook comments saying that The Ubyssey sucks and is too much like Buzzfeed.

With the weather taking a turn for the worst as it inevitably does, we wanted to know how athletes deal with the miserable weather and miserable feelings. Fun plot twist: they all happen to spend their varsity life on the water (they're rowers!).

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