Anupriya Dasgupta

Anupriya Dasgupta

Anupriya joined The Ubyssey in 2018 in her first year because she wanted to be like Rory Gilmore. She mainly writes dumb articles for Blog and sometimes ventures into the world of Culture. when she's not scoffing about how funny she thinks she is, she is found obsessing over UBC profs and telling everyone about how much she loves sociology and raccoons. Please say "hi" to Anupriya when you see her because she just wants to be your best friend.


This trailblazing new thing, seemingly inspired by the already-existing Facebookian microcosmic worlds of Subtle Asian Dating and Subtle Curry Dating, is relatively young and was launched in November 2019.

I was re-watching a Friends episode one day when Rachel referred to her friends as “magic beans,” which made me realize what it was about the show that made it so appealing

On Friday, September 6, UBC hosted UBC Pride which featured resource booths, activities and performances. Before the event took place, many UBC community members expressed cynicism, considering the university’s recent track record with the LGBTQIA2S+ community. We sent a few writers to attend the events and share their thoughts.

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