Anupriya Dasgupta

Anupriya Dasgupta

Anupriya joined The Ubyssey in 2018 in her first year because she wanted to be like Rory Gilmore. She mainly writes dumb articles for Blog and sometimes ventures into the world of Culture. when she's not scoffing about how funny she thinks she is, she is found obsessing over UBC profs and telling everyone about how much she loves sociology and raccoons. Please say "hi" to Anupriya when you see her because she just wants to be your best friend.


I have taken the mightily important job of event planner and come up with a classic ghostly Halloween crawl including events in Vancouver that you can actually attend as well as a few that I, an aspiring Halloween party planner, wish existed.

I wonder why my friends hesitate to say ‘no,’ or why they think respectful men are not attractive or exciting enough. I wonder why my friends have to constantly reiterate who they are to people they barely know, just to feel a little bit safer in their non-binary bodies.

The much-awaited annual Storm the Wall is here, and if you’re not hyped, then what are you even doing here? The first time I heard about Storm the Wall, I wondered: what is the verb ‘storm’ and what does it mean?

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