Zhi Wen Teh

Zhi Wen Teh

Staff Writer Instagram: @zhixwen Zhi Wen is a second-year history student and sometimes regrets their decision to move into the housing market nightmare that is Vancouver. Very often, you can find them being a one-person audience laugh track to the workplace sitcom known as the Ubyssey offices. They like to say writing is their passion, but they actually spend most of their time reading fanfiction and wondering why they’re single. During the rare times you can catch them in a sociable mood, they will often talk about food, Malaysia, travel stories and Paul Rudd (the Ant-Man films are the best Marvel films and they will fight you if you disagree). They’ve competed in the Malaysian poetry slam scene, and sometimes does karaoke in musical theatre productions. Off-campus, they’re starting a multimedia production company with their roommate and is excited to see what the future holds for them.


Death is a heavy topic that all of us would rather not think about. So how do we celebrate a day dedicated to remembering violence and death in our community? For many, Trans Day of Remembrance is solemn day. A day to think on the friends and family they have lost, the ways the system has let us down.

In 1989, a whale was discovered calling at a frequency of 52 hertz. No other whales with the same migration patterns shared the same frequency.

Submitting a UBC Crush is perfect for all of us who long to date someone whilst being complete cowards at the same time. I have had at least four posts published on the page, with plenty more that went unpublished (and that was probably for the best), which means I am perfectly qualified to give advice on how to write the perfect UBC Crushes post.

Instead of rating these posters on how good the designs are, I’ll instead be giving these posters a vibe-check. Because that’s what the cool kids do right? I went hunting down for every single campaign’s Facebook events page and checked their vibes so you don’t have to.

At the Supermarket You don’t see peanuts plucked out of the ground

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