Alex Nguyen

Alex Nguyen

Coordinating Editor

Alex started contributing to The Ubyssey in October 2016 after accidentally writing a long-form — and a few breaking news, election seasons and features later, she has not looked back since. She is interested in university governance and affordability, while dabbling in data journalism and photography as ways to expand story-telling. Occasionally, she studies political science.



For him and other residents who are deaf or hard of hearing, there are less thought-about roadblocks that can make navigating student housing challenging despite UBC improving how it accommodates students with disabilities. And in many ways, some challenges may not be easily fixed by the kind of top-down policy update the university recently approved.

The fourth-year history student is running on an ambitious platform of economic, climate and social justice, as well as support for mental and sexual wellbeing. With goals that look beyond campus, Latu aims to achieve them by fostering direct democracy at the AMS.

The fourth-year integrated science student and executive director of Kite Vancouver is running on a platform of restructuring the society’s executive team and rebranding AMS services.

The second-year science student is running on a platform mainly composed of improving mental and sexual wellness, sustainability and Indigenous inclusion through education.

Pulling from his experience as AMS VP Administration, the third-year arts student wants to improve policies and initiatives around sexual assault support, affordability, Indigenous inclusion and sustainability.

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