Alex Nguyen

Coordinating Editor

Alex started contributing to The Ubyssey in October 2016 after accidentally writing a long-form — and a few breaking news, election seasons and features later, she has not looked back since. She is interested in university governance and affordability, while dabbling in data journalism and photography as ways to expand story-telling. Occasionally, she studies political science.


Since 2010, the total undergraduate enrolment has more than doubled. This demand is further heightened by the fact that some majors, such as mathematics, also require computer science courses. Accordingly, courses are oversubscribed.

The AMS, Access and Diversity, and Campus and Community Planning (CCP) are teaming up to plan an accessibility shuttle service for central campus. This program aims to make the pedestrian core safer and more accessible for those with disabilities.

I wash my beard on occasion with shampoo, but it’s the same stuff that I use for my hair. I comb it on a reasonably regular basis and I sort of nervously fiddle with it. I also have moustache wax that I put in sometimes, which my girlfriend hates.

Yesterday’s “Ban the Ban,” a learn-in for UBC students faculty and staff, was hosted as an “immediate and urgent response” to President Trump’s executive order restricting immigration and travel into the United States.

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