Alex Nguyen

Print News Editor

Alex joined The Ubyssey last September and has since partially moved into the office. Her talents include over-analyzing everything and blowing the word count, but she hopes that the in-depth information and different viewpoints make her articles worthwhile to the UBC readers. During her spare time, Alex tries to keep up with memes and also sometimes studies political science.

They will have to “ensure student experience is well represented in UBC’s strategic plan, advocate for student-friendly allocations of the Excellence Fund and work to provide students with a strong voice in all aspects of the university.”

Due to the victims’ common background and the scheme’s impersonations of Chinese government officials, the RCMP is currently working with the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver to solve the problem.

Lam announced his decision at the July 19 AMS Council meeting in closed session, which was entered upon his request. However, a public discussion about his resignation was held shortly after in the meeting.

Gail Murphy, UBC’s current Associate Vice-President Research pro tem and professor of computer science, is now the university's new VP Research and Innovation. As the Associate VP Research pro tem, she has “successfully led” several initiatives.

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