Alex Nguyen

Print News Editor

Alex joined The Ubyssey last September and has since partially moved into the office. Her talents include over-analyzing everything and blowing the word count, but she hopes that the in-depth information and different viewpoints make her articles worthwhile to the UBC readers. During her spare time, Alex tries to keep up with memes and also sometimes studies political science.


She will replace Linda McKnight, who has been serving as the interim VP Human Resources since the retirement of former VP Human Resources Lisa Castle on December 6, 2017.

Thus far, UBC's draft statement on freedom of expression uses language that indicates a balancing act between maintaining both freedom of expression and the wellbeing of the campus community members. But where do students, faculty and community groups want UBC to draw the line when it comes to freedom of expression?

As part of its response to alumna Glynnis Kirchmeier’s human rights complaint (HRC), UBC has denied any discrimination in how it handled reports of sexual assault. The university also “reserves the right to apply to dismiss the complainant without a hearing,” but did not attach an application with the response.

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