Alex Nguyen

Print News Editor

Alex joined The Ubyssey last September and has since partially moved into the office. Her talents include over-analyzing everything and blowing the word count, but she hopes that the in-depth information and different viewpoints make her articles worthwhile to the UBC readers. During her spare time, Alex tries to keep up with memes and also sometimes studies political science.


There are four referendum questions on the elections ballot this year, covering a wide range of topics: the extension of current U-Pass contract, the restructuring of AMS fees, the removal of student court from AMS bylaws and the creation of the Sustainable Food Access Fund. The first three have already been endorsed by the AMS.

Fourth-year arts student Marium Hamid wants to make the society more accessible, inclusive and communicative to students. The platform is motivated by her involvement on campus, especially her current term as the AMS student services manager.

Third-year business and computer science student Andy Lin wants to “bring God’s love to campus,” after crediting Christianity for “changing his life” and “giving him hope while being bullied growing up.”

Following an election within the UBC Board of Governors (BoG), it was announced today that former Vice-Chair Michael Korenberg has been made the new chair. BoG member Sandra Cawley succeeds Korenberg as the new vice-chair.

Six months after its filling, former student Stephanie Hale’s human rights complaint against UBC Okanagan’s (UBCO) handling of her sexual assault report is now moving forward — but with a reduced scope.

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