Andrea Gonzalez

Andrea Gonzalez


February is heart health month. So what do you need to know about heart health? As the central organ in our circulatory system, the heart is vital to our overall health and nearly everything that that goes on in our bodies.

baby cool people yey

Babies can understand that individuals are part of larger social groups and are socially dominant to those in smaller groups, suggesting that they may be able to reason about complex social concepts within the first few months of life.


According to James Tansey, executive director of the Centre for Social Innovation and Impact Investing, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on campus have fallen by 22 per cent in 2014 compared to 2007 with a 32 per cent reduction at the end of 2015.

UBC works to reduce seismic risks on campus

A 2012 Seismic Risk Assessment Report dubbed 28 buildings on campus “very high risk” and 12 “high risk” — assessments that included a note of “loss of life probable” should such a seismic event occur, something the new plan hopes to partially remedy.

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