Bridget Chase

Bridget has been writing for the Ubyssey since 2016, and dethroned the last Cult Leader - er, Culture Editor - for the 2018/19 season. At UBC, she studies linguistics and creative writing and has the pleasure of working with Indigenous communities on language revitalization projects. She is interested in accessible art, underground events, amplifying marginalized voices, and Indigenous culture. You can catch her riding her scooter across campus, or find her on Twitter.

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From November 30 until December 2, the UBC Museum of Anthropology hosted an exhibit entitled Transformation Mask, showcasing a piece of art that was crafted through a collaboration between Heiltsuk artist Shawn Hunt and Microsoft.


There was a pause that was long enough for me to know the answer. She shook her head politely, and told me she should be getting home. “But,” she added, “let’s see each other again next week?” All was not lost, and I had accomplished my real goal: another date with a fantastic girl.

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