Danni Olusanya

Danni Olusanya

Danni Olusanya

Danni started her love affair with The Ubuhcee as a tender first year, with lots of energy and LOTS more hair! Hailing from London, she is an avid fan of both chai latte's and Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream crisps just not together! Her writing interests include issues of race, gender and pop culture, the more they intersect the better! You can find her quietly crying into her coffee on the fourth floor of IKB!


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The advancements of UBC Library in this last decade have been monumental. There have been changes in the general makeup of the library system with the increase of library offices and changes in study spaces, but that in many ways just scratches the surface.


There is a powerful history in my skin, a history that fought and is still fighting to be recognized as human and intelligent. Though our presence may be inherently and intrinsically political, we are carrying the torch of our ancestors, ready and waiting to pass it on for generations to come.


“You don’t seem like the type to be in a sorority.” Ten words. Ten seemingly harmless words, which are always meant light-heartedly and yet for some reason, it always makes me feel just a little bit hurt.

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