David Nixon

For over a decade, students, journalists, privacy agencies, community members and MLAs have lobbied for legislative change that would prevent UBC from using an accountability gap to shelter what are widely considered public documents. "This year we’ve made a very hard push with the government," said Crasta. "It’s a very dangerous avenue for public bodies to go down, creating these shell corporations to enclose information away from public eyes."

In the middle of campus there’s a small, unremarkable, concrete building with one locked glass door on its northwest corner labeled ‘Clean Energy Research Centre’. You’d never guess it’s home to one of Canada’s largest fuel-cell research groups, working internationally with major industry and science partners to bring fuel cell technologies to market.

UBC is making a $2.5 million annual investment in counselling services with the hope of shoring up long wait times and a lack of diverse expertise among counsellors. The first million will double the number of existing counsellors to 18.

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