Edith Coates

Edith Coates

Edith Coates is a third-year linguistics student and has been recognized as a generally funny person at The Ubyssey for two years. Her subjects of choice include humour, jazz, seagulls, computer science, and stealing memes from r/UBC. Off campus, she is in Level 2 of LEAP, a playwriting intensive hosted by the Arts Club theatre company.


When Pierre Trudeau commissioned a type of particle accelerator called a cyclotron for the centre in 1976, the then-prime minister quipped: “I don’t really know what a cyclotron is, but I am certainly very happy Canada has one.”

Death is a heavy topic that all of us would rather not think about. So how do we celebrate a day dedicated to remembering violence and death in our community? For many, Trans Day of Remembrance is solemn day. A day to think on the friends and family they have lost, the ways the system has let us down.

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