Emma Hicks


MEXSA also has asked that those who are unable to contribute money that they help spread the word about the donation box to support those in need. Whether it's a 25 cents or 25 dollars, any contribution is appreciated.

“I have to admit that Chipotle is one of my favourite fast food restaurants. I am looking into whether it might be possible to attract Chipotle somewhere on or near campus and will provide an update if I get any encouraging news.”

The AMA will give anyone the chance to give Ono their opinion on their issues with campus, ask questions and provide suggestions on what can be improved and what future plans are in the works. Questions have already started pouring in on Reddit.

What drew her to UBC in the first place, let alone the Nest, is beyond me, but it's pretty cool to see some of the places you walk past every day — even if they are just study rooms or elevators. Watch the full video below.

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