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The Ubyssey is investigating UBC’s Student Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) after it ran unprecedented deficits in 2015 and 2016 — more than $300,000 each year, or about 23 per cent of annual revenue, while simultaneously running an ineffective grant program.

Cut and Paste

UBC, like all academic institutions, sees cases of plagiarism every year. It makes up the bulk of the 72 academic misconduct cases listed in the last discipline report, which tracked academic and nonacademic misconduct at UBC from 2013 to 2014.


The review was undertaken by David Loukidelis, information commissioner, ad hoc, for the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada, who reviewed the university's policies and procedures and made several conclusions.

chris scott

Opponent Alan Ehrenholz had occupied a diversity of positions, that many saw as a solid foundation for engagement. However, it appears that Scott's experience with the VP Admin portfolio and his strong debate performances won the day.

alan ehrenholz / chris scott

Moderator Gordon Katic had candidates name different resource groups, frats and sororities until VP Admin hopefuls Alan Ehrenholz and Chris Scott ran out. Scott won, garnering himself a plaque with the AMS motto.

Alan Ernholtz

“Students in general don’t know what the AMS is, they don’t know what the AMS does, why the AMS does the things they do … my goal is obviously to engage with 50,000 students and be able to help them answer that question.”

Chris Scott

“I want to focus on community engagement rather than events planning because we already have an entire staff dedicated to events ... I think the VP Admin should be focused on building communities through things like lunch time programming.”

president debate

The presidential debate saw Sugar Brewer, Aloha Dave, Jenna Omassi and Ava Nasiri vying to be the face of the Alma Mater Society. Less serious questions dominated the first portion of the debate, such as what alcohol they would be.

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