Emma Partridge

Emma Partridge


VP Student Life

The two boast very different backgrounds — Ehrenholz is currently president of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). Scott has founded his own club, served as treasurer of his frat and held the position of vice-chair of the AMS SAC.

Presidential Candidates

Want to know who is running for election in the AMS, Board of Governors and Senate? FInd out right here. This list was last updated this afternoon, but Senate still retains the highest number of candidates — 14 in total.


Cowin has already stayed with the university for over four years, leaving a long legacy. When asked what she is most proud of doing in her time here, Cowin named increased mental well-being of students and a more solidified portfolio.


The protest was organized by a grassroots group of faculty "who have had enough of the kind of bad governance that goes on at this university," said Mark Mac Lean, president of the faculty association and also the first to speak to the crowd.

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