Jack Hauen

Jack Hauen

Coordinating editor/embarrassing stepdad

Jack spends a large, almost depressing portion of his time at The Ubyssey, where he grumbles about the Board of Governors and hassles the nice people at Access and Privacy. People have let him work at the CBC, National Post and Globe and Mail because Canadian journalism is in a worse place than you thought. Follow his Twitter for dad puns and his Instagram for pictures of cool dogs he sees.



“UBC has put me on a temporary leave. They have given me only incomplete information about the reasons. UBC behaves in strange ways. Please understand that I cannot say anything at this point. I hope UBC will get back to its senses soon.”

The dust has settled and the 2018 AMS Great Debate is over. Voting starts Monday, but before you head to the polls, let's take another look at some of the statements made Thursday night.

The society can now expel people from AMS property for criminal violations as well as 12 “nuisances,” including some that would affect low-income or housing insecure people such as “using the Premises as a private bathing facility” and “salvaging discarded food from garbage cans on the Premises.”

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