Jack Hauen

Jack Hauen

Coordinating editor/embarrassing stepdad

Jack spends a large, almost depressing portion of his time at The Ubyssey, where he grumbles about the Board of Governors and hassles the nice people at Access and Privacy. Someone let him work part-time at CBC and intern at the National Post because Canadian journalism is in a worse place than you thought. Follow his Twitter for dad puns and his Instagram for pictures of cool dogs he sees. https://twitter.com/jackhauen https://instagram.com/jackhauen


Like it or not, Dong is in charge of the most successful university-level esports team in North America. His squad came out of nowhere in 2015 to emerge as the most lethal university-level team on the continent.

Jack Liu may have started UBC's hottest Instagram account on a whim, but he's now a seasoned dogspotting vet. Here are some tips from the pro himself on how to get the best possible pics of pups, borks and big old boofers.

Given that he was already sending Snapchats of dogs to his friends as he walked to and from classes, starting the page was a slam dunk. The only difference now is that he stops for a chat. “Now I talk to the people, and actually get to know the dogs

“I handed over my card and I said very quietly and confidentially, ‘Could we get together? Some of your people, some of my students — let’s sit, let’s talk.’ The answer that came back to me was, ‘We have a no-dialogue policy with you people.’”

The absurdity of the 2017 AMS Elections is not lost on the first-ever joke candidate to win the presidency. “‘Kind of weird’ is probably an understatement. It was very weird,” said Alan Ehrenholz, whose name on the ballot was “The Engineer's Cairn.”

It's finally over. All three AMS debates have been completed, and in their wake lies a trail of truth, half-truth and unsubstantiated claims. If you're not sure which is which, here's the rundown from Friday night's Great Debate.

The second AMS Elections debate of 2017 featured candidates for Senate, VP Administration, VP Finance and the Board Of Governors. Now that the dust has settled, The Ubyssey has had time to check some of the claims made during the debate.

More than a full year after a woman burned down the campus rainbow flag, the UBC Pride Collective has raised it again outside the Old SUB. The ceremony marked the beginning of Pride Week, a “week-long celebration of queer and trans identities.”

The first 2017 AMS elections debate took place Monday afternoon, marking the first time candidates for President, VP Academic and VP External faced off in an official forum. Now, we've had some time to fact-check some of what the candidates said.

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