Joshua Azizi


A few hours later, I was decked out in a toga in the middle of a dance floor, surrounded by drunken frat bros and teenagers making out. For my sheltered 17-year-old self, it was quite the escalation.

The Axiom Zen team developed CryptoKitties in order to introduce more people to Etherium. Schalm began working on the game in early August, and he continued on a part-time basis when his classes resumed in September. Along with one other software engineer, Schalm was tasked with working on the game’s smart contracts.

This Thursday, the UBC EDM Club is hosting a “Crowd Playlist Night” in the Pit, where the event’s music will be determined entirely by the audience. Using the app Outloud, attendees can add songs to the party’s playlist and up-vote or down-vote them. If an upcoming song has the most up-votes, it’ll be played next.

The Pride flag was raised today in the courtyard between Brock Hall and the Life Building (Old SUB) to commemorate the start of PRIDEweek, a “week-long celebration of queer and trans identities” at UBC.

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