Koby Michaels


What is the right way to roll your toilet paper — in front or behind? Science has yet to answer that question but new research out of UBC’s department of mechanical engineering does wipe away some of the mystery behind the science of toilet paper.

The team launched the boat from Newfoundland and was headed towards Ireland. It doesn't, however, look like Ada will complete the journey. The boat likely suffered a mechanical failure on Monday evening and is unable to turn.

UBC engineering physics students spend their summer building autonomous robots to compete in the program's annual competition (it's also their final exam for the course). The second year students had five weeks to build a robot with their teams.

We all have biases, whether they are implicit or explicit. New research from UBC showed that it is possible to reduce racial bias in older children by telling them positive stories of marginalizes groups.

Do people keep bringing up NASA's Juno spacecraft in small talk and leave you looking foolish because you didn't know Jupiter was a planet? We have you covered with Small Talk Science: everything you need to know about Juno so you don't look dumb.

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