Koby Michaels


The CIS Final 8 tournament is off to a great start. Carleton University and Dalhousie University will face each other in the CIS semifinal. Calgary and McGill are next to take the floor before the Thunderbirds take on Ryerson.

UBC's women's hockey team has claimed the Canada West title. The three-game series came to a close Sunday afternoon when, after the final whistle, the T-Birds were up 2-1. They will now head the CIS quarterfinals in Calgary on March 17.

Last week, we published the NSF's science literacy quiz. Overall, us UBCers are way more scientifically literate than the average American. So congrats, even if it is a small victory. But the results also showed some gaps in UBC’s science knowledge.

For you, tonight just might your last night of the homework-free bliss of reading week. For Diana Lee and Adrienne Parkin, it's so much more. Both are fifth-year athletes on the Thunderbirds women's basketball team and tonight is senior night.

Imagine a piece of PlayDoh with two marbles in it. If you stretch the clay, the distance between the marbles increases. If you squish it, the distance decreases. That's what gravity waves do, but with nothing pushing or pulling the clay.

I know, I know — enough of the football coverage. The season's over and you're still talking about them, seriously? Yes, seriously. Someone made a football pump up video from footage of this season's Vanier Cup winning run and it's spectacular.

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