Malcolm Wilkins


This past weekend, UBC’s annual Faculty Cup concluded with Forestry beating out the 13 other faculties to take the top spot. Nevertheless, the combined efforts of all the faculties made for riveting tournament.

And although Dal isn’t around, his legacy of musical brilliance will be kept alive when the Dal Richards Orchestra — which for so long has had a love affair with the UBC Opera Ensemble — joins UBC at the ball once again this year.

Startle and Illuminate surmounts cliche to deliver an insightful, anecdotal guide for writers and readers alike. Carol Shields done something more than just create a guide for aspiring authors; she has created a guide to our senses.

During the early decades, practices such as freshman initiation took place — referred to as hazing by those who disapproved of them — which usually involved incoming students taking part in bizarre activities.

The building will consist of a total of 404 studio and four-bedroom shared units, which will be given a fairly even rental price, estimated at $1,100 per student for the four-bedroom unit and at $900 per student for the studio units.

First impressions are profound as a child. When I was about four, I remember meeting my Uncle Keith for the first time. He seemed so kind and full of love, and that was it — my first impression of the man. He seemed like a nice guy.

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