Margret Rand


“In the past few years, more students live on campus all-year round,” said Parr. “That attracts the food spots, as before we had a lot of commuter students, so the food spots had only work during the school year.”

Last week was the eighth annual Thrive Week at UBC — a week-long mental health celebration filled with events that allow students, staff and faculty to learn about their mental health and improve it in a healthy way.

On October 19, the idea of a Professional Master of Business (MBA) Program was presented in the Senate. As of right now, the Sauder School of Business offers a 50-credit part time MBA program that takes 28 months to complete.

You have no excuse for saying you're too busy because they will be there for the whole day. Unless you have classes straight from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or have a fear of blood or needles (totally understandable), try to make an effort to show up!

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