Marissa Birnie

Marissa Birnie

concrete canoe

A floating concrete canoe might seem like a paradox, but the UBC Concrete Canoe team assure that, “yes, it floats!” Now in its third year, the team is in the middle of constructing a sleek and lightweight concrete canoe that is less dense than water.

Gallery 2.0

According to AMS President Ava Nasiri, the Pit Pub — which has seen declining attendance in recent years — could see its operating hours decreased and exchanged with later hours for the Gallery, in conjunction with student demand.


It’s probably not a good idea to take a baseball bat to grandma when methods such as quarantine could prove more effective in controlling the infected. Speakers talked about how to identify, manage and model an outbreak if the undead were to rise.


UBC's newest startup venture is looking to break into the tech world. HATCH, a lab and office space designed to foster technology and social ventures as they bring their products to market, was recently launched at UBC.


Accessibility on campus is something most students don’t think about. But for many students with a disability, accessibility barriers can limit their full participation in university life and hinder academic success.

Rob Scharein and Laura Lee Coles

Have you ever seen a face that wasn’t really there? If your food looks terrified and your mop is giving you the stink-eye, don’t worry — you’re not crazy. Local artists are exploring our ability to see faces everywhere & a scientist explains how.

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