Matt Langmuir

This year, the team recruited a promising young wrestling out of high school named Joseph Huh. He won silver at the 2016 Canadian Juvenile Championships and is highly-regarded as one of Canada’s top high school wrestlers. Hayashi believes new talent

“It’s nice to see the guys go out there and perform in a game situation,” said head coach Sven Butenschon. “They’ve worked so hard in practice [and] they’ve really impressed me in the short time I’ve been here. It’s nice to see them get rewarded.”

After winning two of their three preseason matches to kick off the year-- including their 7-0 decimation of University of Northern British Columbia Timberwolves (UBC)-- the team headed to Burnaby to play a friendly against their cross-town rivals

After Theresa Hanson’s departure for SFU, the Thunderbirds started a year-long search for a new athletics director. That search has finally come to a conclusion with UBC announcing that Gilles Lepine has been named senior director of UBC Athletics.

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