Miguel Santa Maria

“I had a lot of young women [in Seoul] coming up to me saying ‘Oh I feel like that character’ and I couldn’t believe it because it’s a different language [and] culture," she said. "But maybe certain things there are universal like heartbreak [and] feeling lost.”

In Belonging, a Q&A event part of the Vancouver Writers Fest, all four writers personally attested to experiencing being “othered” throughout their lives. Whether through excerpts from their memoirs or discussing feelings on the spot, they also focused on how their personal turmoil translated into their literature.

When people think about revenge films, what comes to mind are angry, hellbent protagonists present in films like Oldboy or Unforgiven. However, in the case of director Atom Egoyan’s Remember, the result is one of the genuinely saddest, most pitiful revenge quests one can ever see.

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