Moira Warburton

“I haven’t seen another website that points to a third-party website and so really showing that, I can connect with other parties. It brings together YouTube, music and different images and gifs of cats.”

“The most important body is the student body. As the next AMS president, I can draw on my two and a half years of experience managing teams, pivoting from hardships and projects, and working with leaders and developing through critical times.”

“I think I am one of, if not the most, experienced candidate for this role. I have relationships with members of the Board of Governors currently, which I can leverage to my advantage to lobby for student issues ... without sacrificing my integrity.”

“[I’ll] fight for increased transparency in board practices because I’ve been there this whole entire year and … I understand why decisions were made that they made. [But] that’s something that all societies need to continue to review and look at.”

“I don’t think I have a particular weakness. I think I’m great. I think I will be the best student representative for next year. I’m the outsider. I intend on representing the UBC students. I’m proud to be the outsider. I intend to be great.”

The presidential debate saw Sugar Brewer, Aloha Dave, Jenna Omassi and Ava Nasiri vying to be the face of the Alma Mater Society. Less serious questions dominated the first portion of the debate, such as what alcohol they would be.

The debate took place between two of the three candidates running for the two available positions as student representatives on the Board of Governors. Incumbent Veronica Knott faced off against newbie Reda El Maazi, with Aaron Bailey absent.

The upscale restaurant is closing today. “We had some very talented people working to create a truly unique dining experience; unfortunately the restaurant in its current form was not financially viable going forward.”

Pride members noticed that the flag was missing this morning and contacted UBC Equity and Inclusion office to ask if they knew about the disappearance. Upon investigation, the office found remnants of the scorched flag still attached to the pole.

The committee consulted with over 125 stakeholders, ranging from internal groups, AMS and GSS members, the Faculty Association and external groups such as municipal and provincial governments, First Nations and presidents of various organizations.

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