Moira Wyton

Moira Wyton

Moira Wyton

Moira started writing for The Ubyssey after a friend convinced her that it wasn’t a cult (it is). From 2016 to 2019, she wrote feature-length pieces on healthcare policy, contraception, faculty diversity, the Vancouver housing crisis and the practice of politics at UBC; covered tumultuous AMS VP External and student Senate elections, and broke news on everything from university governance to UBC's reconciliation strategy. Serving as features editor from 2017 to 2019, Moira studied political science and international relations in the dual degree program between UBC and Sciences Po Paris, and only forgot to phone her parents twice. Email: LinkedIn: Moira Wyton


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I had literally needed anti-anxiety medication prescribed on the spot to calm down enough to leave the doctor’s office — the only thing that could possibly make this worth it was meeting my soulmate immediately and making passionate love forever, right?


You may have provided context for the worst things said to you during sex, but we think they stand together as a poem just fine.

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Oh, you hadn’t considered how, exactly as Foucault kind of touched on, Wicked exemplifies the neoliberal commodification of the supernatural and how Glinda is the panopticon? Neither had I until I came to this evening’s lecture tipsy just to flex on you first-years who can’t buy alcohol.

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