Natalie Morris

You may have heard — incorrectly, granted — that Natalie is from Pluto, or that she is a conglomerate of Wall Street day-traders hiding in the U-bend of a Nest toilet to avoid taking responsibility for the 2007 stock market crash.

Ah, frat parties. Not where I would go for intellectual conversation, but I know from my brief time in the Greek system that at least three houses have dogs and one has a snow cone machine. Good luck and good drinking!

Exams tend to be the last leg of a marathon and everyone always tries running at full speed during it. It will drain you. You will feel tired, grumpy and desperate for distraction. But we will get through it.

Is it better to talk to a friend than seeing a UBC counsellor when you have a mixed school/personal problem?”Is it better to talk to a friend than seeing a UBC counsellor when you have a mixed school/personal problem?”

10/10 the scariest thing right now: Donald Trump. Before you dismiss the idea, think about it — all you need is a really bad wig, a really bad suit, a really bad Trump impersonation and a terrible idea for the future of America! It’s like super easy!

Time. Time is the only way to get over a relationship. Sure you can try to cut corners here and there, but it's not until time has past and you've processed everything accordingly does anyone truly move on from a relationship.

You're homesick and that's completely normal. It's hard being away from your friends and family who were happy to support you. You're with new people in a new environment and you're a little disoriented. That's fine.

The easiest way to find out if it’s for you is to go through recruitment. You won't be doing yourself a favour by deciding against going through recruitment based on what you think other people will think of you.

"I don't want to let her down by saying I'm not interested in that type of sex and am fairly open minded, but I'm concerned about what entering into this type of sex could lead to in our relationship."

I find many people during the school term have trouble justifying a night out because they know they have school work to do. If you don't give yourself time away from school, then you won't be able to fully engage yourself in that school work.

Do you want a relationship? You've got to figure that out. Don’t try to start something just because there’s the possibility of something happening. Serious relationships aren’t something you should just enter willy nilly.

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