Negin Nia

Negin Nia

Negin has been writing for The Ubyssey since September 2017. She is a Master of Journalism student at UBC Journalism, Writing, and Media, specializing in public health. Additionally, she holds a bachelor's degree in political science and law from UBC. Negin is interested in exploring the intersections between social justice, health, and community in her writing. You can find her rambles @_neginnia on Twitter.


Special thanks to the Equity and Inclusion Office, Access & Diversity, Pride UBC, Land and Building Services, and the Access and Diversity Council who have put in effort for over 50 gender inclusive washrooms across campus.

When you’re late for class and have to study, it’s easy to go to the nearest place on campus to have a quick bite — whether or not it's the heathiest option.

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