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At Vancouver’s annual Interior Design Show, UBC PhD student Felix Böck stood in front of a slab of 100,000 chopsticks, which weighed 450 kilograms. It is a conservative estimate for how many chopsticks the Vancouver metro area discards daily.

You’re an early-career scientist — a UBC undergraduate sitting in HEBB 100 or a graduate student thrown into an unfamiliar field — and your state of perpetual confusion stands in sharp contrast to your competent, confident mentors.

Dr. Warren Code, the acting director for the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI) at UBC, works with faculty and students to research and implement curriculum, teaching methodology and if students are actually meeting course objectives.

Scientists around the world have been late to lab meetings, classes and social events because we’re reacting with horror to Trump’s first six weeks. Crucially, we should all remember that a shocked reaction is the first step towards resistance.

Peak flu season is supposedly waning, but your voice is scratchy, your back hurts and your nose is runny. Are your symptoms related? Where should you go for help? What practices are safe and regulated?

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