Samantha McCabe

Samantha McCabe

Samantha McCabe

Former Coordinating Editor After serving as The Ubyssey's news editor for two years, Sam was at the helm of the paper for its 100th year of publication. During her time at the paper she drank an (absolutely unhealthy) amount of coffee in order to fuel her obsession with writing, and took a special interest in reporting on matters of sexual assault and other crimes, public opinion, and university governance. She also found the time to go to classes for her political science degree.


Sex Issue, body, person, touch, skin

Every year, The Ubyssey releases a sex issue. The theme of each issue varies. In 2016, we focused on the science of sex and the processes that make people tick. This year, we focused on intimacy. It’s a diverse and broad idea.


As explored in a newly published paper, UBC researchers speculate that using “radio bursts” with unknown origins, they could determine the distance of cosmological bodies and shed light on a whole host of previously unknown information.


Sachs is so passionate about the United Nations Sustainable Goals, which include “end poverty in all its forms everywhere” (number one) and protecting the environment (numbers twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen) because, of course, he played a huge hand in creating them.


TEDx events are independently organized, TED-affiliated programs that “help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences,” according to the TED website. In this case, UBC’s Terry Project is taking the initiative in organizing a UBC version of the famous conferences.


The bulk of the money raised will go towards a new Interventional Operating Room (OR) for Vancouver General Hospital. This purchase will have an impact on the functionality of UBC Hospital by increasing the organization of surgeries between the two hospitals.


“I think we’re at the point where you go from it being a connecting tool to it being an isolating thing,” said Khan. “We don’t really relate to each other as much because we’re not looking at each other’s realities.”


The website's creators will not be pursuing commercial revenue — they just hope it will serve as a streamlined method of textbook exchange for students to buy and sell. Less than a week after the launch, hundreds of textbooks are up for sale.


The SASC’s assistant manager noticed the need for these special groups through the recurring themes that emerged during her individual sessions with students — healthy relationships, emotional empowerment and the self-care of activists.


Besides the obvious, “Oh my god, is this really happening right now?” running monologue, what really happens in our brains during sex? An complex response of electrical signals and hormones deliver to us those sensations of pleasure.

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