Samantha McCabe

Samantha McCabe

Web News Editor Now in her second year of working as a news editor at The Ubyssey, Sam drinks an (absolutely unhealthy) amount of coffee in order to fuel her obsession with writing. She takes a special interest in reporting on matters of sexual assault and other crimes, public opinion, and university governance, most recently covering a 10-day attempted murder trial in October. She loves to harass the photo editor for absolutely no reason (pictured) and occasionally finds the time to go to classes for her political science and creative writing degree. Fuel her narcissism by following her on Twitter:


The 2017 federal budget, released Wednesday morning, is the second budget of the Trudeau administration, and begins to see the realization of quite a few Liberal promises. We delve into the changes that will affect students and education the most.

Fourth-year honours economics student Kevin Doering is running for the Board of Governors on a platform of transparency and communication, tuition and affordability, and student housing. Previously, he worked as the associate VP Academic.

Louis Retief, this school year’s AMS VP Finance, is running for the Board of Governors on a three-part platform of improving financial transparency, enhancing the student experience and advocating for increased affordability and services.

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