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Samantha McCabe

Web News Editor Now in her second year of working as a news editor at The Ubyssey, Sam drinks an (absolutely unhealthy) amount of coffee in order to fuel her obsession with writing. She takes a special interest in reporting on matters of sexual assault and other crimes, public opinion, and university governance, most recently covering a 10-day attempted murder trial in October. She loves to harass the photo editor for absolutely no reason (pictured) and occasionally finds the time to go to classes for her political science and creative writing degree. Fuel her narcissism by following her on Twitter:


Sneha Balani, a fifth-year PhD candidate in the faculty of medicine studying cancer stem cells and tumour biology, is running for the Board of Governors on a platform of student advocacy, increased diversity and enhanced communication.

Jeanie Malone, current president of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), is running for the UBC Board of Governors on a platform of seeking transparency, advocating for a better student experience and communicating the student voice.

Yesterday marked the first debate between the candidates running for the UBC Board of Governors. Kevin Doering, Louis Retief, Sneha Balani, Jakob Gattinger and Jeanie Malone are running for election in the two available Vancouver campus spots.

President of the UBC Faculty Association (FA), Mark Mac Lean, will be stepping down from his role as of June 30, 2017. Instead, he will be further pursuing his academic role within the university as a faculty member and head of the math department.

Aaron Bailey, one of three student representatives on the BoG, has stepped down from his position to pursue a new job in San Francisco. Bailey will also be resigning from his position with UBC Athletics & Recreation, effective Friday.

The Board of Governors is the third of UBC’s governing bodies (the first two are Senate and the AMS). The BoG handles the business of running a university, which includes overseeing UBC’s management, administration, and revenue, among others.

“With today’s decision we are making right the fundamental wrong at the heart of the issue: a well-intentioned but incorrect decision to cancel John’s speaking engagement in the first place,” wrote Ono in his statement on the matter.

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