Samantha McCabe

Samantha McCabe

Former Coordinating Editor After serving as The Ubyssey's news editor for two years, Sam was at the helm of the paper for its 100th year of publication. During her time at the paper she drank an (absolutely unhealthy) amount of coffee in order to fuel her obsession with writing, and took a special interest in reporting on matters of sexual assault and other crimes, public opinion, and university governance. She also found the time to go to classes for her political science degree.


Is stress ubiquitous to university life in the way we assume it is? Some people at the forefront of the discussion are saying it doesn’t have to be.

Yesterday at 6 p.m., Vance Joy — in partnership with the AMS and Peak radio — put on a 16-minute “surprise” concert in the plaza. It was exactly what you would expect from a slightly ramshackle, hasty outdoor concert announced on Peak two hours in advance.

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