Samuel Du Bois

The Welcome Back BBQ takes place on Friday, September 8, with doors opening at 3:00 p.m. The event is only for students 19 and up, so there will be none of those rowdy youths getting in the way trying to sneak beer for the first time.

Khöömei — the long, low overtone emanating from the singers' throats — is hypnotic and calming. Anda Union brought it from their homes in Mongolia and filled the Chan Centre with a sound the likes of which it has never played host to before.

The website “So, I had an abortion…” launched this January with the intention of de-stigmatizing the topic of, well, abortion, while also providing a forum for people to share their stories. The project is the creation of Julia Santana Parrilla.

Fusing a slew of sounds into their own unique pop sound, the minds behind Quinn XCII have shown a remarkable ability to carefully subvert industry expectations and trends while also knowing how to play the game like pros.

After a long wait and an irritating joke announcement that almost made us believe that we'd be suffering through Nickelback this year, the 10th Annual AMS Block Party lineup has finally been announced.

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