Sonia Pathak

Sonia Pathak

Senior staff writer

Sonia started writing for The Ubyssey in 2018 when her workload was just a bit lighter and her schedule a little less cramped. Although the thought of having free time has started to border on wishful, Sonia still manages to (through a truly impressive feat of scheduling-gymnastics) make the time to write. She writes whatever stories catch her eye, but has a vested interest in topics such as mental health, wellbeing and accessibility.


“We’re talking about a 100 years worth of work and history to a large extent to put into a website. To succinctly and effectively put it into a small number of pages is a difficult task, and we wanted to make sure we got it right.”

Despite this myriad of experiences and practices by students who identify as ace or aro, many still experience push-back when they self-identify on campus.

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