Sophie Sutcliffe

Notices have been posted at the 52 building complexes at UBC’s Vancouver campus using a certain type of heat exchanger, advising building users to not consume any of the hot water. This followed the discovery that five heat exchangers had failed.

The diversity fund that was launched last November is being used to finance the review process that will make recommendations about the fund’s future designation. The $300,000 put into the fund this year will support the review process.

In an unsurprising result, Alim Lakhiyalov was voted in as the next VP Finance of the AMS. Lakhiyalov ran unopposed after the other candidate dropped out of the race before the first debate, but ran a strong campaign.

Lakhiyalov is campaigning on a platform that includes creating a long-term sustainable financial plan, implementing professional development programs, and integrating financial systems and expanding their usage to all clubs and constituencies.

Tonight marked the second and final debate for the VP Finance position, a position which only has one candidate, Alim Lakhiyalov. The event featured questions from the moderator, followed by two questions from the audience and a closing statement.

Lakhiyalov, a fourth-year cognitive systems and computer science major, is the current associate VP Finance for the AMS, vice chair of the fund committee and also vice president of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

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